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Safeguard the delivery of your renewables or stationary storage project. Reason Energy provides comprehensive search and due diligence for your asset's grid connection.



Reason Energy provides a complete search, due diligence and monitoring solution to de-risk the development and operational lifecycle of your projects.

Reason Energy provides a complete solution to locate the best grid connection for your project, leveraging grid topology and TSO datasets
Risk analysis
Reason Energy offers a complete breakdown of grid risks, planned grid infrastructure projects and forecast capacity for every grid connection
Reporting and monitoring
Generate due diligence reports on grid connections suitable for securing project financing, and monitor the ongoing operational forecasts for your project

A new mindset is required that anticipates Europe’s capacity needs to integrate more renewable projects, and one that accommodates unprecedented electrification of transport, buildings and industry to match the speed and scale needed for Europe’s energy transition.

Kristian Ruby
Eurelectric secretary general

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